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Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery Exhibit

September 5-15, 2019

Gallery Exhi8bit postcard(1)-1.png
DB Gallery NY1 reporter interviewing And
DB Gallery Vernel.jpg
DB Gallery Nathalie.jpg
DB Gallery Emrose.jpg
Gallery Exhi8bit postcard(1)-2.png
DB Gallery Dylan.jpg
DB Gallery Chelsea.jpg
DB Gallery Andrew and Kenneth.jpg
DB Gallery Emily.jpg

Hunter East Harlem Gallery Exhibit

March 8-31, 2019

Time Extension Request Feb 13 2019 Award
Andrew speaking at Hunter Holly IMG_0656
William by Holly also Andre IMG_0642-1.j
Catrina speech at Hunter Holly IMG_0633.
Sabrique speaking at Hunter Holly IMG_06
Nicodemus at Hunter Holly IMG_0653.jpg
Andre speaking at Hunter Holly IMG_0649.
PO participant at Hunter Holly IMG_0644-
Christopher speaking at Hunter Holly IMG
Dylan speaking at Hunter Holly IMG_0660
Patricia speaking at Hunter Holly IMG_06
Natalie speaking at Hunter by Holly IMG_

powerHouse Arena Exhibit

October 3-7, 2019

Arena Gallery show poster.png
News 12 interview participant The
News12 interviewing Carl.jpg
NY1 Carl and Michael.jpg
News12 interviewing last participant.jpg
NY1 unique lens pictures on wall.jpg
Arena photographer group shot.jpg
News12 Reporter and CD from side looking
Arena crowd listening to
Commissioner at Arena show Facebook.jpg
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